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This page is provided for researchers, especially genealogy searchers with a particular interest in Kintyre, Scotland.

Using this search box, you will be able to search through all the information located on all my web pages. Some are described here-

I have a multitude of web pages dealing with Kintyre and the above search box provides you with the possibility fo searching them all for an ancestor name or location to see if it appears in one of the pages.

  • Some of the things to be found on my pages are listed below:
  • Kintyre cemetery photo images. The pages include a list of all the Kintyre cemeteries and a list of the gravestone photo images found in each. At each cemetery page, you are able to browse through the list to find the surnames shown on each gravestone. Or, you can search for an ancestor name at the cemetery picture search page.
  • In addition, I have several pages with lists of emigrant passengers taveling to America. These are mostly during the middle 19th century from Scotland, Ireland and England..
  • I also have a large number of pages with information about my ancestors. The surnames included are, Ralston, Belden, McAffee, McCarty, Hannah, Goff, Ball, Bradshaw, Robertson and a few others.
  • I have made numerous web pages containing book indexes
  • These books are of historical nature. Mostly histories of the area of northern Illinois.
  • Some contain information about my ancestors and possibly yours as well.
To visit some of my book index pages, choose from this drop down list, and click GO:

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