William HANNA was born in 1731. He died in 1807 in Newry, Co. Down, Ireland. He was buried in St Patrick's Church of Ireland, Newry, Co. Down, Ireland.
He was married to Jane WALLACE (daughter of Robert WALLACE and Jane STUART) about 1758. Jane WALLACE was born in 1735 in Newry, Co. Down, Ireland. She died in 1816 in Dublin, Ireland. She was buried in 1816 in St. Patrick's, Church of Ireland, Newry, Co. Down. Ireland.
Jane Wallace, was a descendant of the famous Scottish hero William Wallace's brother Malcom Wallace. Hence the great pride in "the aristocratic Hannas of Newry."
  • William HANNA and Jane WALLACE had the following children:
  • Samuel HANNA (born in 1759).
  • Margaret HANNA (born on 9 September 1763).
  • Jane Eliza HANNA, born in Newry, County Down about 1775. Died 18 September 1853 (78 yrs). Married in 1794, Co. Armagh, to John Bradshaw, born 4 July 1770 Corrinshego, Killevy, Co. Armagh
  • James HANNA,.Christened 9 April 1808 Presbyterian, Donegore, Antrim, Ireland
  • George HANNA died in Newry, Co. Down, Ireland.
  • Mary HANNA .
  • Robert HANNA died in China.
  • William HANNA Christened 8 October 1785, Mageralin, Coounty Down, Ireland.

From "Irish Pedigrees, Vol. II, John O'Hart", page 554. 1892

"This old family, whose ancestor held a command under Gustavus Adolphus, in the Bohemian war of 1620, tracing to the Scottish stem of "Hannay," became established a century and a half ago at Newry. They acquired property in the county Down, by intermarriage with the Wallaces' of Crobane ; and their descent from thence is, as follows :
I. William Hanna (b. circa l731, d . 1807) mar. Jane, dau. of Robert Wallace, Esq.; of Newry (by his wife Jane (1) Stuart, whose mother, Mary Scott , was a descendant of Mary Scott,* of. Harden, cellebrated as "The Flower of Yarrow"), and granddaughter of James Wallace, Esq., of Crobane, by his wife Anne Ross.
  • Their children were:
  • I. Samuel, of whom presently.
  • II. Jane, who m. John Bradshaw, Esq., now represented by Canon Bradshaw, Inisheen, Dufidalk.
  • III. Robert, d. unm. in China.
  • IV. William, whose line is traced in the," Stewart-Hanna" pedigree, next infra.
  • V. Mary, mar. Samuel Townley, Esq., of Newry.
  • VI. James, , m. Jane, daughter of William Ogle, Esq., of Newry, and had:
    • I. Samuel, known as Dr. Samuel Hanna, M.D., Dublin. mar. Emily Fortescue, and had no children.
    • II. William, d. unm.
  • VII Margaret was twice mar.: first, to Bernard Cross, Esq.; secondly, to William Conolly, Esq. (Note, this is in error, the surnames are reversed, it was Bernard Conolly first and then Joseph Cross.)
  • VIII. George, the last survivor of the, family, in Newry, was living in 1820.; he d. unm." (1)

Inscription from: St. Patrick's, Church of Ireland, Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland

[Two Slate Slabs in a high railed enclosure.]
To the memory of William Hanna and Jane his wife and of their son Samuel Hanna and Jane his wife, all of whom so passed through life as to obtain the grateful affection and respect of their numerous friends and relations. Afterwards was interred here Robert Hanna, the son o the above mentioned Samuel and Jane who having while yet young commenced an active and useful career, was at an early age called we hope to a happier existence. Here also rest the mortal remains of William Hanna, the son of William and Jane, a man who had many friends and never made one enemy. And also of his brother James Hanna, a man of kind and benevolent mind and disposition and of Jane his wife. They have left to their surviving relations the profitable example of virtuous and wall sent lives and the enduring inheritance of an unspotted reputation. Also is interred here John Hanna, the son of Samuel and Jane who died in infancy, and William, the son of James and Jane who died in early youth. This stone was erected by William Hanna, son of Samuel and Jane in the rear of our Lord 1834. Sacred to the memory of Rhoda, wife of (William) Hanna of Gardiners Place (and) Corduff House, Co. Dublin, who died 16th June 1847. And of Leonard and Madeline, their infant children. Also of Rhoda Mary, wife of Thomas Hanna and second daughter of Leonard Dobbin who died 24th October 1860.

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  2. Click here for more Hanna/Conolly information from Lois Shirley Draper Barker, Sydney, Australia.