P Wm Ralston

Land Surveyor

Peter William Ralston was born in Roscoe in 1858 and moved to Chicago soon after marrying Hannah J McAffee in 1890. He lived there the rest of his life, 1949. He had attended Beloit College earlier.

In June of 1879, young P Wm Ralston age 21, upon the death of his father Thomas, was appointed co-administrator of the estate.
Farming became his occupation.
In addition to his mother, Jane age 44, he had four younger sisters and one younger brother to help provide for: Janette 19, Isabelle 16, Martha 14, John 11, Elizabeth 6.
The farm ledger books provide some details of what life was like for them.

In 1887, when his brother John was 19 years old, he enrolled at Beloit Academy. He graduated June 17, 1890.

He married Hannah J. McAffee, daughter of James McAffee and Margaret Cross, on 6 November 1890 in her parents Roscoe home.

In March of 1991, Beloit College archives assistant Erik Anderson provided copies of Academy information and enrollment transcripts.

Year and terms enrolled-

pwalst (77K)
Peter William Ralston

Surveyor Field Notebook

FieldNoteBook (422K)
Field note book #3

Scan_20230810 (14) (80K)
Impression after the page for July 1929 in one of his note books.

The following is copied from a tan, hard cover, 5x8, surveyor's field notebook..
Cover seems to be leather on cardboard. It has four columns divided with vertical red lines like an account book. Entries are in pencil including page number at top outer corner, only a few notes are ink. It has 181 numbered pages plus 5 unnumbered pages which contain notes.
There is a business card between page 34 and 35 printed with-
" P. W. RALSTON, SURVEYOR, 4328 Lowell Avenue, Chicago, Phone Irving 3884".
The front cover is labeled #3.
The front inside cover, the next page and inside back cover are stamped with red ink:
P. W. Ralston 2667 Lowell Ave
Chicago, IL

City Directory Information: Year and Residence
Membership Cards
AAEmember (77K)
American Society of Engineers - 1927

ISEmember (78K)
Illinois Society of Engineers - 1927

BusCard (22K)
Business Card
Chicago City Directories
1900Chicago (47K)
1900 Surveyor

1917Chicago (67K)
1917 Civil Engineer

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