Peter Ralston the second son of William Ralston, was born in 1708, and married Nellie Maxwell. "The signature shown here ¹ is from his lease of Brecklate in 1759. There is a crested monument in Kiel Cemetery with 'Patrick Ralston of Brecklate'. It appears to record that he died in 1795 aged 87; however, in that the stone is so damaged and sunken into the ground we cannot be sure of the numbers."


  • +1) Alexander; born about 1746 ² , married Janet Howie, born about 1753, daughter of John Howie and Jean Bain.
  • +2) Thomas; born about 1749, married Margaret Picken 16 March 1790 at Southend, died July 1833.
  • 3) John; christened 7 April 1772 at Brecklate, Southend.³ John is reported to have been a sailor. April 1772 Parish Record

See Patrick, and son Alexander Ralston Rentals in Kintyre

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