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Kilcolmkeil churchyard picture

Kilcolmkeil Churchyard

Southend Parish, Kintyre Peninsula, Argyll, Scotland.
Looking Toward St. Columba Chapel in Distance

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In 2002 and 2003, a genealogy researcher recorded the engravings found on many of the grave stones in Keil Cemetery located near Southend, Argyll, Scotland. And in May 2003, provided a list for inside the ruins of StColumba's Kirk. She has allowed me to make her work into a web page. The Middle information was updated and links to numbered photographs were added August 2003.
Many of the stones are badly deteriorated and nearly or impossible to read. These are her notes and diagrams.

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Diagram for Keil Cemetery East End [To top]


Diagram for Keil Cemetery Middle [To top]


Numbered Diagram.
Numbered Photograph [To top]


Numbered Diagram
Numbered Photograph- Looking West
Numbered Photograph- Looking East

Note - the first 3 are plaques on the wall at the west end of the kirk. They are behind railings and are covered with ivy etc. so difficult to read. There is a gate within the railings but I was unable to open it and it looked like it had been firmly shut for many years. Some of the other stones are now lying flat but they could be stones that were originally upright and have fallen over.

Keil Cemetery West End Keil Cemetery East EndKeil Cemetery Middle

Inside ruins of St .Columba's Kirk at cemetery. [To top]Message from descendant: My wife is descended from Duncan Montgomery and Flora Drain (East End 16). Duncan's father was Archibald (Middle 62). Regards, Harald Wolf, Saanich, Canada

Message from MacGEACHY descendant: I am descended from No. 64. in the Middle Section -- John MacGEACHY farmer Lailt spouse Mary MacMILLAN died 1814.
Their daughter, Barbara McGeachy, married Archibald McVicar (s/o Neil McVicar & Catherine Conley) 23 Nov 1831 in Southend Parish. They came to Canada in 1836 and settled in Harwich Township, Kent County, Ontario. They were my gg grandparents. I would love to learn more about any of my Southend ancestors. Archibald & Barbara buried several infants before coming to Canada with their first surviving child. Eleanor J. Burch, Carberry, Manitoba, Canada
Book Cover
Kintyre in the Seventeenth Century

From The Old Bookshelf, Campbeltown, Scotland: Andrew McKerral's 1948 book for those interested in the history and genealogy of Kintyre, Scotland. 160 pages of indexed reference material, and appendixes plus discussion of both Highland and Lowland surnames.
Ralston, Greenlee, Langwell, Huie, Ferguson, Hervie, Andrew, Brown, Breckenridge and more.