Thomas BENEDICT was born in 1617 in England. He came to New England at about age 21.
Thomas sailed from Great Yarmouth, England in late May or June of 1637 onboard the "Mary and Anne" along with his step-sister, Mary Bridgham. They landed safely at Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony by early August of that year. Within three years, either 1639 or 1640, the couple were married by the Reverand John Youngs, likely at the Salem settlement.
Within a year of their marriage, the couple left Salem along with the Rev. Youngs and other colonists to re-settle further south and west, at Southold on Long Island. Thomas BENEDICT and Mary BRIDGUM were married about 1640 in New England. They lived at Southold, Long Island, NY.
Thomas BENEDICT and Mary BRIDGUM had the following children:1
  1. Thomas BENEDICT was born about 1640. He died on 20 Nov 1688.
  2. John BENEDICT was born about 1648 in Southold, Long Island, NY.
  3. Samuel BENEDICT was born about 1649; died April 1719.
  4. James BENEDICT b. Feb. 1649/50; d. August 1717.
  5. Daniel BENEDICT b. about 1652; d. after Feb. 1723.
  6. Elizabeth BENEDICT b. 1653; d. 1688.
  7. Mary BENEDICT b. 1652/3; d. 1687 or 1688.
  8. Sarah BENEDICT b. 1653.
  9. Rebecca BENEDICT b. about 1660.

  1. "Genealogy of the Benedicts in America" vol. I, H. M. Benedict, 1870, page 2.
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