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Some Ancestor Places
in Kintyre Scotland

Several years ago, when I first began to do family history research, I became interested in learning where ancestors and their families had lived. This chart is the information I collected at the time. In general this information is from the Old Parish Records.

Place Names with Grid Reference Number per Landranger Map #68

For old map of these locations go to and insert the location in the search box. (Just the digits, not the characters, NR).

You can find an explanation to the Ordnance Survey Grid at their web page. The National Grid.

If you would like to search for a recent picture of any of the places, go to Geograph.Org and enter the Grid Reference in the search box there. Instead of the long reference number used for "old-maps", it will be necessary to use NR in place of the first digit and follow the NR with the next two digits. For example: in place of 169000, 612000 use: NR6912. If you get too many results, change to the advanced search tab and change the distance to within a reduced amount such as 1km in place of the 30km used for a simple search.

Place Map Reference Ancestors
NR 170600, 608700 home of John RALSTON /Isabella GREENLEES, Jun. 1825, Jan. 1828, Jul. 1830, Dec. 1832, Apr. 1835, Jul. 1838, Oct. 1843, my Gr-Great Grandparents,
birth of George RALSTON, Jun. 1825
birth of Janet RALSTON, Jan. 1828
birth of Mary RALSTON, Jul. 1830
birth of Isabella RALSTON, Dec. 1832
birth of Jean RALSTON, my great grandmother, Apr. 1835
birth of Ann Helen RALSTON, Jul. 1838
birth of Elizabeth RALSTON, Oct. 1843
marriage of Alex. RALSTON /Margaret McKERRAL, Dec. 1843
BALLYVAIN Map NR 166700, 626400 home of William FLEMING, Jun. 1840
home of William FLEMING/Elizabeth RALSTON, Jul. 1842
birth of John FLEMING, Jul. 1842
NR 169000, 612000 birth/home of John RALSTONe, Apr. 1772, Mar. 1819
home of Peter RALSTONe, Apr. 1772
birth of John RALSTON, my great great grandfather, Nov. 1789
home of Alexander RALSTON, my great great great grandfather, Nov. 1789
marriage & home of Thomas RALSTON/Margaret PICKAN, my great great great grandparents,3/1790, Jun. 1791, Jun. 1793, Mar. 1796, Sep. 1798, Feb. 1801, Dec. 1803, Mar. 1809
birth of Patrick/Peter RALSTON, my great great grandfather, Jun. 1791
birth of William RALSTON, Jun. 1793
birth of Helen RALSTON, Mar. 1796
birth of Jane RALSTON, Sep. 1798
birth of Alexander RALSTON, Feb. 1801
birth of John RALSTON, Dec. 1803
birth of Thomas, Mar. 1809
home/at time of marriage of Patrick RALSTON Jan. 1820
home/marriage of William RALSTON, Aug. 1822
home of Alexander RALSTON, Dec. 1824
home of John RALSTON, Dec. 1834
home of John RALSTON /Catherine BROWN, Oct. 1840, Dec. 1846
birth of John RALSTON, Oct. 1840
birth of Margaret RALSTON, Dec. 1846
BRUNERICKAN Map NR 169900, 608000 marriage of Margaret McKERRAL/Alex RALSTON, Dec. 1843
home of Dugald McKERRAL, Dec. 1843
CARSKEY Map NR 165500, 608000 "Seat and Bay in Southend Parish, Argyleshire." (1882 Gazetteer of Scotland.)
NR 167350, 607715  
DUNAVERTY Map NR 168700, 607500 "Bay, village and pyramidal headland at south extremity of Kintyre. A strong castle of the Lords of the Lakes stood on the headland, gave refuge to Robert Bruce, suffered siege and capture by General Leslie and has been almost wholly effaced." (1882 Gazetteer of Scotland.)
GLENAMUCKLACH Map NR 170600, 612400 home of Elizabeth ANDREW, Aug. 1822
marriage of William RALSTON /Elizabeth ANDREW, Aug. 1822
NR 167300, 615600 home of Peter RALSTON /Jannet BROWN, my great great grandparents, Dec. 1820, Apr. 1824, Feb. 1826, Aug. 1827, Dec. 1829, May 1837, Jun. 1840
birth of Elizabeth RALSTON, Dec. 1820
birth of Margaret RALSTON, Apr. 1824
birth of Helen RALSTON, Feb. 1826
birth of Thomas RALSTON, my great grandfather, Aug. 1827
birth of Charles RALSTON, Dec. 1829
birth of Peter RALSTON, May 1837
marriage of Elizabeth RALSTON, (grandpa P. W. RALSTON's Aunt), /Wm. FLEMING, Jun. 1840
home of Alexander RALSTON, farmer /Elizabeth FERGUSON, May 1830, Feb. 1836
birth of Margaret RALSTON, May 1830
birth of Alexander RALSTON, Feb. 1836
KEIL NR 167697, 607940 "Estate with modern mansion, ruined ancient church, and remarkable caverns at southern extremity of Kintyre." (1882 Gazetteer of Scotland.)
KILIRVAN Map NR 169000, 612200 home of David FERGUSON, farmer, Dec. 1824
home of Elizabeth FERGUSON, Dec. 1824
marriage of Elizabeth FERGUSON /Alexander RALSTON, Dec. 1824
KNOCKSTAPPLEMORE Map1895 map has this location NR 169800, 611800 marriage of Margaret PICKAN /Thomas RALSTON, my ggg grandparents, Mar. 1790
NR 168600, 608400 home of George GREENLEES, my ggg grandfather, Jun. 1796
birth Isabel GREENLEES, my gg grandmother, Jun. 1796
marriage of Isabel GREENLEES to John RALSTON, my gg grandparents, Mar. 1819
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NR 169700, 609300 home of Charles BROWN, my ggg grandfather, Jan. 1820
marriage of Jannet BROWN /Patrick RALSTON, my gg grandparents, Jan. 1820
home of James BROWN, Dec. 1834
marriage of Catherine BROWN /John RALSTON, Dec. 1834
OATFIELD HOUSE Map NR 168100, 618100 Oatfield House was home of Janet RALSTON Johnston, cousin of Grandpa Peter Wm. RALSTON. She moved to Belfast with family and died there in 1863, but children came back to Kintyre.
OATFIELD Map NR 168456, 617677  
NR 169200, 608400 aka: Newton, Monroy, Muneroy
SOUTHEND KEIL CEMETERY Map NR 167335, 607715 Burial place of several ancestors.
NR 164700, 620700 home of Alexander RALSTON, farmer /Elizabeth FERGUSON, Mar. 1838, Apr. 1840, Sep. 1842, Feb. 1846, Apr. 1847, May 1849
birth of Elizabeth RALSTON, Mar. 1838
birth of ANDREW RALSTON, Apr. 1840
birth of Helen RALSTON, Sep. 1842
birth of Mary RALSTON, Feb. 1846
birth of Peter RALSTON, Apr. 1847
birth of Martha RALSTON, May 1849

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